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Why No Surveys on A.W.Surveys?

On March 15, 2011, in Surveys, by Money Maker

Why you should not take surveys on A.W.Surveys?
Any company that invites you to make money never limits the amount of money you can earn with them!! but A.W.Surveys does that. See their T.O.S. Point L states

(L) Yearly Earnings: The maximum amount that can be claimed during 1 fiscal year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st), is $550. Amounts over this must be held to the next fiscal year to receive payout.

The paypal fee to withdraw is way too high. Paypal at-most charges $1/per transaction or for mass pay. But i never heard of a $25 charge for a withdrawl!!. Usually that charge is for bank/wire transfer. Not for paypal!!.
Here is excerpt from their faq

Options (2 and 3) include the use of Paypal ( or ( and is an electronic payment, this option generally takes 3-5 business days for delivery. Option (2 and 3) have a ($25) Expedited Service Charge and is taken directly from your A.W.Surveys account with us. The Expedited Service Charge is for the faster delivery time (3-5 days compared to 4-6 weeks).

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Are you an expert at something like writing, copywriting, research, php, sql, .net, server management or linux server maintenance ?. If then it is time to polish up your skills and earn some money online!! is a job marketplace where you can find jobs to do that fits you skills. The minimum payment for a job is $25 and maximum is beyond $5000 depending upon the size of project. I heard about freelancer from my friend when he was talking about his friend who makes $10000/month from freelancer. Thats it!!! i fired up my (more…)


The Link Bucks Way to Earn Money Online

On August 24, 2010, in models, by Money Maker

This way of earning money is similar to earn money by sharing files.  Once you have uploaded all these files and obtained free file host links as mentioned in the above article  .. sign up with linkbucks and create link bucks links fro those file host links you have and enter the link as shown in figure.

now click on create link and you see a new link which you can now distribute files. (more…)


Earn Money by Sharing Files

On July 12, 2010, in models, by Money Maker

Recently many have been earning money by sharing files. This model is relatively recent and does involve some dedicated work on your site. One plus point is that it you don’t need a website to earn money. But you do require to know a list of popular file sharing websites.

So How does it work?

Model 1 (more…)


List of Internet Business Models

On July 8, 2010, in models, by Money Maker

The exact number of business models by which you can earn money online is humongous. This is a comprehensive list of most popular internet business models through which people earn money. Each model has a distinct way of marketing and reaching audience. I might list a sub model as main model, because it might involve large amount work. (more…)


Cpm Ads and Cpm Networks

On June 21, 2010, in models, by Money Maker

Cpm means cost per mille or cost per thousand page views. This model of earning money online is only useful if you have large no of page views. I would say you must have atleast 3 k page views to get some money from this model of earning money online.

So how this method works?. (more…)


Hi All

On June 14, 2010, in misc, by Money Maker

This is a new my with my experience online on how to earn money online.

I will try to tell you all things i know about internet marketing, content generation and website building.